In recent years, the rapid development of reducer industry

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"Fifteen" period, as the country has adopted a proactive fiscal policy, stimulating domestic demand, investment in fixed assets increased, the development of the industry into the fast lane. In particular, the investment in infrastructure, metallurgy, electricity, construction machinery, building materials, energy and so on to accelerate the development, therefore, the demand for speed reducer has gradually expanded. "11th Five-Year", as the state of the machinery manufacturing industry attention, construction of major equipment localization process and accelerate the transformation of the city, stadium construction project, good reducer market prospects, the whole industry will maintain rapid development momentum, especially growth will greatly improve the gear reducer, and most of the imported equipment the gear reducer for supporting. Therefore, Mao Shanghai controlled electromechanical equipment Co. Ltd pay close attention to the development of manufacturing gear reducer, especially large toothedsurfacereducer and medium and small power reducer, to meet the needs of the market.

From the development of enterprises in the industry, in recent years, the pace of development of private enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang province is very fast, has become a powerful force in the industry. In addition, Shandong province Zibo reducer manufacturers are also many. Some of the rapid development of private enterprises, after the completion of the original accumulation, the continuous development and growth. Shanghai Mao control mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. to keep up with changes in the market, timely adjustment of product structure, product quality requirements are constantly improving. Shanghai Mao controlled electromechanical equipment Co. Ltd in order to enhance competitiveness, increase the purchase of detection equipment, laboratory equipment and plant expansion funds, processing capacity and technical level improve quickly, but also pay attention to personnel training and introduction, the enterprise has begun to standardization, development direction.